Keith lead a panel that included Steve Heller (InChI Trust), Larry Callahan (FDA), Evan Bolton (PubMed), Roger Sayle (NextMove Software), and Tyler Peryea (NIH/NCATS). The panel presented progress and needs in management of the growing number of biologics. Chemically modified biologics (CHM), in particularly antibody drug conjugates, are now very important therapeutic agents. Identifying them uniquely and consisely is currently a major issue. CHMs are complex entities that present many challenges but the InChI for Large Molecules working group has made significant progress and is confident that InChI technology with provide a solution.

Keith will be acting as chair and co-organizer of the workshop on InChI for large molecules, sponsored and hosted by NCBI/NLM, Bethesda, MD on Monday and Tuesday October 27-28th 2014. The workshop is supported by IUPAC Division VIII InChI subcommittee.