Areas of Expertise

Ladera Consulting LLC is focused on the secure capture of chemical structure information, with particular emphasis on stereochemistry. Recently the entities captured in chemical registries have grown to include chemically modified
biologics, for example Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC), and organometallics.

The databases behind an ELN need special consideration to support the representation needs of the chemist and of the registration system.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Design and implementation of structure registration systems – chemical registries
  • Design of ELN databases
  • Best practices in stereochemical representation
  • Bridging the gap between classical chemical structures and chemically modified biologics
  • Best practices for the registration of organometallic and transition metal complexes including structures with haptic bonds
  • System specification and testing
  • Ladera is committed to R3 – Representation, Registration, and Retrieval